Letter from the Founder

Dear Friends,

We are living in potent times, full of challenge and also of opportunity. It may be that the big heart of the world is cracking open before us, shifting everything with it, directing us into a whole new way of living and being in the world that honors the oneness of all things and brings the sacred back to the center of life.

Central to the work of The Sophia Institute is the belief that we are living in a time of great evolutionary shift guided by Divine Wisdom, when the feminine impulse is beginning to come into balance with the masculine and bringing with it a radical wisdom of the heart. Old patterns that no longer serve us, patterns of domination, aggression and control, are beginning to be transformed within ourselves and in our social structures. New ones that are centered on integration, wholeness, oneness, collaboration, sustainability and peace are now emerging. As His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Nobel Peace Laureates have noted, “Educating the intellect alone is a prescription for disaster. We must also be educating the heart.” Doing so is central to the vision of The Sophia Institute.

We believe that community and global transformation often arises out of individual transformation. We seek out leading-edge visionaries and thinkers whose work reflect this vision and bring them to The Sophia Institute to lead retreats, workshops, lectures, and other special events. Their messages of wisdom, healing, integration, oneness, sustainability, peace, and the conscious feminine and masculine herald the arrival of new paradigms and fresh perspectives at that moment in our history when they are needed most.

Sue Monk Kidd said recently in a talk she gave at The Sophia Institute, “There is a new spiritual consciousness breaking into the world. We could call it a Feminine consciousness, even a Sacred Feminine consciousness. It has the potential to bring healing, balance and a new paradigm of wholeness. It has the potential to do something that has never been done before: To open the immense common heart of the world. The particular genius of the Sacred Feminine is in its valuing of the wisdom of the heart, of interdependence, empathy, relational thinking, compassionate community, intuitive intelligence, peace, creativity, and the sacredness of the earth.”

We invite you to bring your curiosity, wisdom, passion for life and growth to our gatherings. As Einstein said, “The mindset that created the problem is not the mindset that will solve it.” We are cultivating a new mindset, one that is wisdom based and found in the hearts of women and men alike. We agree with Jean Shinoda Bolen on our National Advisory Board that “when a critical number of people change how they think and behave, the culture will also, and a new era begins.”

The Sophia Institute envisions a world that could be called a wisdom society, a 21st century that could be called The Sophia Century: a conscious enlightened world, a compassionate, global community, where wholeness, oneness, sustainability, the conscious heart, deep wisdom, and the sacred are at the center of life.

As we face new challenges in a world in transformation, please join us as together we can create a more conscious and enlightened world, a world that expresses the vastness of the human spirit.

Carolyn Rivers