Enjoy the sacred practice of Yoga from master yoga instructors. 


Upper Lance Hall, Circular Congregational Church
150 Meeting Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Please bring with you to classes a yoga mat, as well as whichever additional supplies you may use, such as blocks, straps or blankets.

2014 Yoga Schedule

Mondays, 9:00am to 10:00am, Kripalu Yoga with Lisa McQuade

Kripalu Yoga: a form of Hatha Yoga. It uses yoga concepts of inner focus, meditation, standard yoga poses, "breath work", "development of a quiet mind", and relaxation. Kripalu emphasizes "following the flow" of prana, or life-force energy, compassionate self-acceptance, observing the activity of the mind without judgment, and taking what is learned into daily life.

Lisa McQuade's intention : "As a teacher I hope to cultivate a feeling of safety and understanding, while leading participants to the core of their being. I hope to Nurture self-wisdom and acceptance. One of my favorite expressions is to look for the “GURU” in you...Gee..U...R...U, learn to stand on your own to feet….rather than your head."

Thursdays, Noon to 1:00pm, Alignment-based Hatha Yoga with Laura Jarrait

Laura's primary yoga education has been in Iyengar and Anusara Yoga. As such, her classes weave together philosophical insights and precise, sound breath and alignment instructions designed to help students access and align with the essential vibrancy that underlies everything and everyone. With a good blend of seriousness of purpose and lightheartedness, Laura's teaching encourages students to increase awareness of physical and mental patterning and challenges them to make skillful changes so that they feel more uplifted, empowered, and free in their bodies and in their lives. 

Laura Jarrait's intention: "To help students use the vast array of tools that yoga provides to create more ease, awareness, resiliency, and freedom in their bodies, minds, spirits, and lives."

Schedule subject to changes/additions.  Except where noted classes are open to all levels, allowing everyone to go to their level. Emphasis is placed on stretching and strengthening the core of the body to help in doing asanas and other forms of exercise.



Fees may vary by instructor, but a $10 drop-in fee is typical.