A Time for Awakening

Mindfulness Training and Heart Callings A Five-Day Retreat
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Event dates
Nov 28, 2011 to Dec 2, 2011
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Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM  Register now
Friday 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Tuition Cost

Workshop - $495 by October 14th, $595 after.

This 5-day retreat with Henk Brandt and Carolyn Rivers will focus on working with Henk to develop the power of Mindfulness, bringing us closer to an intimate, more harmonious life, and with Carolyn to identify our Heart Callings, the unrealized potential or buried longing many of us carry inside. You will work with them individually and together. Join us to explore, study, learn, deepen, transform and to align yourself with your own true nature.

How we respond to the fleeting stream of experiences we call “our life” determines whether we move toward confusion or wisdom. Wisdom proliferates when we can stay grounded in the present with whatever we encounter. At The Sophia Institute, we are cultivating mindfulness practices that awaken higher consciousness while grounding us in our deepest authentic nature. As spiritual practitioners, it is important that we have a sense of adventure. Rather than shrinking back, we can step up to the challenge and train ourselves to observe the conditioned, habitual mind rather than be its captive. This retreat will take us out of these old patterns and into a larger, more truthful perspective. In this way, we learn to more fully engage with life through skillful means and openness.

Most people carry unrealized potential inside, a buried longing, an undeveloped heart calling. This retreat will guide us into calling forth a vision that emerges from your Self. We also will explore the new feminine consciousness emerging in our time that recognizes and claims the other half of the Divine nature. The Feminine directs us into our hearts, into the intuitive use of mind, to relatedness and caring for all things and our earth, to feeling, wisdom, beauty, empathy and compassion, and ultimately to the web of life itself and the recognition of our oneness with all things. When balanced with the masculine divine nature, the use of logic, reason, and action, it creates a harmony, balance, and integration that results in healing and wholeness.

To get the full benefit of the retreat, and if you are coming from out of town, we suggest staying at our retreat center, Phoebe Pember House, the home of The Sophia Institute. For more information, go to our website or call 843.722.4186.