Lisa McQuade

MA: PHED, Master Trainer, E-RYT~500 hour, ACE~ PT

Training~ Mind~Body~Spirt~ since ~1981.

I began my journey through Shotokan Karate at age 18. For my 35th birthday I asked my family to join me for my first yoga class at the YMCA.  I felt so relaxed!

My interest in fitness sparked my desire to go for my MA at SDSU in Physical Education.  Then after several years of yoga practice I dove into the Summer Intensive Discovery Yoga teacher training and my love of Kripalu Yoga soared!

"As a teacher I hope to cultivate a feeling of safety and understanding, while leading participants to the core of their being.  I hope to Nurture self-wisdom and acceptance. One of my favorite expressions is to look for the “GURU” in you...Gee...U...R...U, learn to stand on your own two feet, rather than your head."

Wife, Mother and servant for the better good!

Kripalu Yoga

A Three Fold Path to Peace and Well-being

Body & Breath Awareness

Learn classic postures with relaxation, helps release chronic tension.

Holding the Postures & Attuning to Prana: Become attunes to the presence of life energy force, holding the postures longer tuning into sensations, emotions & thoughts, learning to clear the chatter

of the mind with.


The mind becomes the witness & the body tunes into the flow of the spirit.