Margaret Wheatley

Margaret Wheatley is a renowned writer, speaker and teacher for how we can accomplish our work, sustain our relationships and willingly step forward to serve in this troubling time.  As a consultant to many different organizations and people, she works with Fortune 100 corporations, government agencies, healthcare institutions, foundations, public schools, colleges, major church denominations and professional associations and monasteries.  Every organization is wrestling with a similar dilemma - how to maintain its integrity, direction and effectiveness as it copes with relentless turbulence and change.  In each, she finds that there is a common human desire for peace, to live together more harmoniously, more humanely.

She is interested in "'seeing the world differently, to see beyond the Western, mechanical view of the world and see what else might appear when the lens was changed. She's learned, just as Joel Barker predicted that "problems that are impossible to solve with one paradigm may be easily solved with a different one."'

She has written six books:  Walk Out Walk On (with Deborah Frieze, 2011), Perseverance (2010), Leadership and the New Science, Turning to One Another:  Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future, A Simpler Way (with Myron Rogers), and Finding Our Way:  Leadership for an Uncertain Time.  Each of her books has been translated into several languages; Leadership and the New Science appears in 18 languages. 

Wheatley received her doctorate in Organizational Behavior and Change from Harvard University and a Master in Media Ecology from New York University.  She is an organizational consultant, a global citizen since her youth, a professor in two graduate business programs, a prolific writer and a happy mother and grandmother.  She has received numerous awards and honorary doctorates.

She is co-founder and President emerita of The Berkana Institute, which works in partnership with a rich diversity of people and communities around the world, especially in the Global South.  These communities find their health and resilience by discovering wisdom and wealth already present in their people, traditions and environment (  Her numerous articles appear in both professional and popular journals and may be downloaded free from her website ( 


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