Women, Wisdom, and Leadership

We are living in a profound moment in human history, when more and more women are awakening to their full potential, committed to co-creating a much more conscious world, to live and lead with heart and wisdom.

It’s a time of great evolutionary shift, what Joanna Macy calls, the Great Turning, a time when the reconciliation with the Feminine is necessary to bring about the transformation the world needs, to call forth a heart-centered wisdom, innate in all of us, an emergent consciousness, centered on wholeness and oneness.

In the ancient Greek, Sophia means Divine Wisdom and is personified in the Feminine.  In this time of Her re-emergence, old patterns that no longer serve us, patterns of domination, aggression and control, are beginning to be transformed within ourselves and in our social structures.  New ones that are centered on integration, collaboration, compassion, sustainability and peace are now emerging. It has the potential to bring forth much needed healing, attuning us to what we already know inside, to a guidance that continually sources us with new possibilities and aligns us with a sense of dynamic purpose.  It is highly transformational, causing great shifts within us as individuals, in our relationships, and in society at large.  

His Holiness the Dalai Lama stunned a sold-out audience at the Peace Summit in Vancouver last summer when he proclaimed, “The World will be saved by the western woman.”

Women are being called—profoundly so—to attend to the changes that are needed now, to do their own deep work and to take it back to their relationships, communities, and workplace, to form networks and circles of connection, to see that we are really a microcosm of the macrocosm—our evolution is at the heart of the planetary evolution.  It is one of the most socially responsible things we can do.

At The Sophia Institute we provides leading edge programs that foster this emergent, evolutionary Feminine consciousness, cultivating wisdom, wholeness, oneness, for a more just, sustainable, thriving world that holds the sacred at the center of life. 

Carolyn Rivers,

Founder and Director

The Sophia Institute

26 Society Street

Charleston, SC 29401