Mission, Purpose, Vision


The Sophia Institute is a center of learning that provides innovative programs that foster the rise of the feminine, cultivating wisdom and mindfulness, for a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world.  

The  Sophia Institute offers retreats, lectures, classes, and special events, featuring nationally and internationally renowned leaders and teachers.


The purpose of The Sophia Institute is to be a source and a beacon in today’s world for profound transformation and unlimited spiritual growth. Using a new model of spiritual partnership and integration between feminine and masculine values, the Institute fosters a spirit of co-creative wisdom that calls forth the unique gifts of each individual.


The Sophia Institute looks towards a world that could be called a wisdom society, a 21st century that could be called The Sophia Century: a conscious enlightened world, a compassionate global community, where wisdom, wholeness, sustainability, healing, and the conscious feminine and masculine are at the center of life. As we face new challenges in a world in transformation, we are dedicated to the vision that together we can create a more conscious and enlightened world, a world in renaissance that expresses the vastness of the human potential.