Mindful Advocacy for Personal and Community Resilience

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Event dates
Oct 6, 2017 to Oct 7, 2017

Friday Night lecture- 6:30pm-8:30pm
Saturday program- 9:30am-4:00pm

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Tuition levels are $50, $100, or $200.
Non-refundable 3% fee on all credit card registrations.

CEU Certificates available upon request at no charge.


Scholarships are available.  Please call the office at 843 720-8528 or email at info@thesophiainstitute.org for details and application.


Lance Hall
150 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29401


Recent events—the rise of political nationalism, hate speech, and environmental degradation (record-breaking-storms, heat waves, and wildfires)—inspire a growing number of us to want to defend what is precious and take meaningful steps to build a more just and sustainable world. In Charleston, we find ourselves especially concerned over the violence of entrenched racism and the catastrophic threat of rising sea level. Many of us no longer ask, “How can I get out of this situation?” or “Who is going to fix this?” Instead, we are turning inward to wonder, “What can I do to help create the world I long for?”

Join Heather Lyn Mann for a 2-day retreat to explore how to manifest the justice and healing you aim to create “someday” in the here and now.  

Both seasoned activists and those looking to engage for the very first time will discover the power of Mindful Advocacy—a real-world, socially engaged, contemplative way of being and doing that transforms suffering into compassionate action. Participants will experience:

  • ways to meet the resistance in themselves and others with love, skill, and the energy of fierce compassion

  • the inter-relatedness of personal and social transformation

  • tools for avoiding the spirit-eroding traps of strong emotions, toxic communication, and reflexive action

  • techniques to lead us and our community away from difficulty and toward lasting well-being

As a group, we will explore symbolic and effective strategies to nourish our happiness, stop harm, and adapt (as necessary) to change. Further, each of us will take-home a Mindful Advocacy Plan (MAP)—a personally crafted blueprint for enhancing inner and outer resilience in our daily life and relationships.

Spiritual ecologist Heather Lyn Mann is a practitioner of Buddhism and Mindful Advocacy. She founded and led the not-for-profit Center for Resilient Cities—an organization supporting healthy, resilient people in healthy, resilient places. Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh ordained Heather into his core community of practice—the Order of Interbeing. She is the author of Ocean of Insight—the memoir of her six-year spiritual voyage sailing in the company of the Great Atlantic Teacher (Parallax Press, 2016).

“A human journey of courage, challenge, and spiritual wonder….”

Bhikshu Thich Chan Phap Dung, Dharma Teacher of the Plum Village Tradition

“Staying mindful amidst the traumas of a rapidly heating world is hard but necessary work…Heather Lyn Mann provides some useful testimony about how (and why) we should proceed.”

Bill McKibben, Eaarth

“Mann’s work is a combination of Buddhist philosophy, ecology, and science. She’s an excellent storyteller and a powerful advocate. Her writing makes me think of Annie Dillard and Barbara Kingsolver. She also does the healing work of Joanna Macy.” Mary Pipher, The Green Boat