Women, Wisdom, Leadership, and Power

Event dates
Oct 21, 2017

Saturday program - 9:00am-5:00pm

Tuition Cost

Saturday full day program (including wine/cheese reception)- $95.00 EARLY BIRD until Sept 30
                 $125.00 after Sept 30

Non-refundable 3% fee on all credit card registrations


CEU certificates available upon request


Lance Hall (on the campus of Circular Congregational Church)
150 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29401

Carolyn Rivers, Simran Singh, Cookie Washington, Kelly Tomblin, Nicole Campbell, Sarah Scott Putnam, Elayna Shakur, Beki Crowell, Joanna Crowell, Eliza Ingle, and Patricia Williams Lessane

CEU's available upon request.   Price includes wine/cheese reception immediately following 5-6:30pm sponsored by BioKare Health and Wellness Center of Mt. Pleasant.

Carolyn Rivers- Tapping into Your Soul Call

More and more women are waking up to what they are called to on the deepest levels, doing their own inner work that leads to outer action, and being co-creative agents for change.
As co-creative agents for change, we are committed to creating a more conscious world and to live and lead with heart and wisdom. 
What do our hearts call us to tap into? What is our own particular genius as a woman?  It’s soul level and requires us to tune in to the soul call, to align ourselves with it, to empower ourselves on the soul level and relate to one another soul to soul. 
Join Carolyn Rivers to explore your own soul level call and find support for actualizing it. 

Simran Singh- Authentic Presence: The Living Example 

What would it mean to live in a natural way... unfiltered, organic, unstructured and boundlessly creating?
What holds you back from fully expressing passion, purpose and potential?
What limits do you place on community, connection and collaboration?
Who could you be if you were not you?
How would you be if you lived from the Unknown parts of you?
I 'm not here to teach you... I am here to show you.
The greatest gift I can give and receive is... Being the Living Example.
Did you ever wonder ... What if?

Cookie Washington- Activism in Art  


Cookie believes that as women reclaim their power through an awareness of their Sophia Wisdom, we can open ourselves to the loving wise Activism that will change the world for good. We start with self-knowledge and then reach out to other women of all walks of life to share and nurture their knowledge with our own.


Listening and seeing ourselves in art and in the world will start us on the path to unity, peace, healing and love.  Cookie has been creating art which speaks to restoring an awareness in the divine feminine and will share some of her beloved pieces in the space throughout the day.

Kelly Tomblin and Nicole Campbell - Do Power Differently

The Universe is calling with a vibrant voice for all of us to “Do Power Differently.”  From our institutions to our corporations to our schools—literally everywhere—the great feminine spirit--through courageous and compassionate leadership-- is emerging as the pathway to love and healing.

During this session, we will explore how each of us has an authentic voice to bring to this sacred and historical moment and discuss how our corporate world can step out of toxicity and assume a place of integration and inclusion.  Finally, we will end with a call for your own brand of leadership and a simple way to remove any barriers blocking your true power.

Sarah Scott Putnam- The Intuitive Gifts of the Sacred Woman 

If ever there is a time for women across the globe to come together to share their infinite wisdom, authentic solidarity, creative inspiration and hope for the future, it is now. As women, we are being ask to be bold, be strong, and to be fearless as we transition from a society of fragmentation and separation, to a more peaceful, global community. This is our time to dig deep into the wisdom of our heart, listen to and trust the wise guidance within and put this guidance into action. The ancient old wisdom of our soul which resides in the heart, will never lead us astray. This voice of the soul will help us move beyond our fears and limitations to make brilliant choices in our life and powerful decisions in our workplace, aligning us with the universe, taking our life to the next level and awakening the magnificent power within us.

Elayna Shakur, Beki Crowell, and Joanna Crowell- The Power of Art to Connect, Heal, and Awaken 

Come be inspired to your own artist or to tap into the profound healing and awakening power of the sublime art that surrounds you daily. In the spirit of Sophia Institute's mission, art in action, as love in action, has the awesome power to transform our lives, transform our world.
Elayna Shakur and her two daughters, Beki and Joanna Crowell come together in a special collaboration, to share from the heart the ways in which art has the incredible power to heal, connect, and awaken. These three artists know this power intimately as their personal and collective journeys bare witness to this phenomenon.This dynamic offering will include poetry performance, story-sharing and paintings that express the ways their art has navigated them through the inner landscapes of what it has been to be black, bi-racial, woman, mother, daughter, divine, human, broken, exposed, healed and broken open again.

Eliza Ingle- Authentic Movement 

Authentic Movement, a guided practice of moving with eyes closed based on the impulses of the body. Dropping into this deeper level of being moved, you will feel refreshed and centered.

Patricia Williams Lessane- Please stay tuned

Imagine an extraordinary gathering of women inspiring each other to appreciate, celebrate and awaken to our individual and collective creativity, wisdom and power.  The Sophia Institute’s Women Wisdom, Leadership, and  Power will bring together women for a full day of exploration, discovery, and celebration with women leaders from the Arts, Business, and Spiritual communities who model authenticity and  creativity and are living lives of powerful purpose.   They will help connect our minds and hearts to our own inner wisdom as well as offer new pathways and practices to co-create a transformed future for ourselves and the planet.

It is our vision that this special gathering will offer powerful insights and “aha” moments, spark new friendships and connections, and leave you with renewed courage and inspiration to bring forth creativity, wisdom and power in your own life.  

We would be blessed to have you join us.  Space is limited, so register today.

When a woman rises up in glory, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility contagious. 
– Marianne Williamson

One of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard is the sound of a beautiful strong woman’s voice once she has discovered her true worth.
– Elizabeth Gilbert, EAT PRAY LOVE