Global Peace Initiative of Women

The Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW), the parent organization of the Contemplative Alliance, has been striving to help facilitate this process since 2008 when we organized a gathering of religious leaders and spiritual communities at the Aspen Institute in Colorado.  Out of that meeting the Contemplative Alliance was formed to bring contemplative practice to aid in the transformation of society, knowing that contemplative practice has not only individual but also collective impact.  Following the meeting in Aspen, several gatherings were organized and the group coalesced. In 2011 we began to focus on how to understand the economic crisis from a spiritual perspective.  In 2012, two meetings were held, one on Wall Street and one in Washington around the theme “Re-envisioning Prosperity.”  In June 2013 we focused on strengthening, through unity, groups across the North East working toward similar ends, but from varying disciplines: economic, environmental, social and faith.  In 2014, our goal is to encourage a national conversation around heart-centered practices, rooted in deep inner wisdom, that are necessary to engender the outer shifts we seek.