Laura Jarrait

E-RYT 500, Certified BodyTalk(R) Practitioner, Akashic Records Consultant

I began my practice of yoga when I first moved to New Orleans in 1996 through the invitation of a passing acquaintance. The acquaintance moved on but the yoga stayed and has become a life companion. At first, I absolutely loved the chance to be back in my body after having spent my childhood years dancing.  It took a bit longer for the deeper parts of the practice to take hold, but the slow journey truly transformed me into a more patient, gentle, joyful person.  Nine years into a slow but steady practice, I was asked to consider teaching by one of my teachers who was about to move. I pursued my first teacher training on her suggestion and then was ushered out of the city by Hurricane Katrina. It was during my evacuation to Chapel Hill, NC, in September 2005, that I was introduced to Anusara® yoga. At that point, my yoga studies deepened significantly and have included meditation, pranayama, and non-dual Tantric philosophy, in addition to sound alignment principles for asana. The precision of the biomechanics of both Iyengar and Ansuara yoga really appealed to my mathematical mind. I was certified in Anusara Yoga in 2009, and as the practice continued to become more of a holistic life practice for me, I was also serendipitously introduced to consciousness healing work through the Akashic Records and BodyTalk®, both of which I have pursued, along with a keen interest in nutrition and cooking. As all of these have had a tremendous impact on the increased health, freedom, and joy I have experienced in my life, they form the basis of what I offer to each person I have the privilege to work with.  To read more about my offerings, see